Police DEEP Project Opportunity

News from Paul Thomas, DEEP Co-ordinator Northern England, Northern Ireland and Scotland

DEEP has been approached by the office of Tim Madgwick, Acting Chief Constable for North Yorkshire Police, to begin an Engagement and Involvement project based on meeting with people living with Dementia and on hearing their views, so that awareness of Dementia amongst the Police can be improved and best practice developed.

Mr Madgwick also has the lead on Dementia among Police services in England, and it may be helpful to consider two strands of work:

  • Firstly, to convene a working group for people living with Dementia in North Yorkshire who can meet on an ongoing basis with Mr Madgwick’s team.
  • To consult across England, informed by people’s experiences in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, to inform the national Police perspective.

If your DEEP Group would like to take part in this piece of work, please contact Paul Thomas, DEEP Co-ordinator (North) on paul@myid.org.uk or mobile 07510284760. It is hoped that this would be an ongoing piece of Involvement work, and it would be very helpful to begin by hearing your ideas.

May I also take this opportunity to thank all of you who have been kind enough to meet with me so far, and how much I am looking forward to contacting groups whom I have not yet had time to meet.



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