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Hello, my name is Paul I have worked in advocacy and user involvement and related jobs since I was a young man leaving art college in the 1970’s. I hope I have lots of experience to bring to the co-ordinator’s role but know that I still have lots to learn.

It is such a privilege to have this chance to help make a real difference for people, and I am really looking forward to meeting everyone and working with DEEP. For once living “in the middle of nowhere” like I do has its advantages as I am now equally close to (or far away from!) the north of Scotland, the south of Yorkshire and the west of Northern Ireland.

The first time I heard about DEEP it seemed like an idea whose time has come, and I hope we can build on the great work already done in England and Wales. Having a voice that is heard makes all the difference.

I will fit my working week around what is required. Please get in touch

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  1. Hello Paul

    Great to find out about DEEP. I run a social business called Ginny’s Good Yarn. Ginny was my grandmother, and she taught me a love of textile crafts and reflexive narrative. I’ve worked for over 30 years with people living with dementia, and supporting Disabled students at the Open University. Now I’m drawing all these threads together to offer a lifelong learning service for people with lived experience of dementia, and their carers. I offer group sessions, home visits and nursing home sessions using person-centred techniques like memory box curation, life review therapy, validation, reminiscence therapy and cognitive stimulation therapy. My work is firmly rooted in Kitwood’s model of dementia care and support, and I use a lifelong learning model called wise, humanising creativity (Anna Craft). Could you please let me have more information about becoming part of DEEP’s network, and the cost of joining fees. Thankyou very much, and kind regards

    Hilary Wellington

    Ginny’s Good Yarn
    Tel: 07776 284238

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