UN convention – request for feedback – deadline 26 May 2017

You might know that this year the UK government will be taken to task by the UN over the way in which it is implementing the Convention on Rights for People with Disabilities.

Together with Alzheimers Society, DEEP will be submitting what is known as a shadow report – which presents the experiences of people with dementia as a way of illustrating the extent to which people are experiencing these rights in a very practical sense in their own lives.

This is a real opportunity to:

Inform the UN ahead of its meetings with the UK government about people’s real experiences – good and bad.
Strengthen the argument that people with dementia have RIGHTS as citizens
Build DEEPs reputation internationally

Here is a briefing for you to use if you think your DEEP group would like to have a say – I’m afraid the timing is a bit tight – 26th of May, my apologies for that……and while there are quite a lot of questions, I suggest you only work on those that are of real interest to those in your group and of which they have real experience. Even if you just work on one that would be a huge help.

UN Convention Questions for DEEP

If you have any questions please email Steve Milton (steve@myid.org.uk)

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