Lancashire Dementia Voices – update 2015

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The group that was formed in 2013 has had a busy year, but also has had an uphill struggle trying to find money to support itself. Despite making sure everyone across Lancashire knew about the group we had an intensive time visiting, presenting our group and its aims to a very wide range of organizations.

The group has been pleased to work on several projects including: –

North West pharmaceutical network, on a template for all pharmacies cross the county to be more dementia friendly.

Dementia research, on working with them to produce a user-friendly leaflet regarding research and engagement

The Gtr Manchester, Lancashire and South Cumbria Strategic clinical network (our partners) across a range of dementia initiatives including end of life care and post diagnostic modeling. We also have a member on the dementia steering group.

2 local Clinical commission Groups to review the memory assessment services

Producing the first film called “Through my eyes” which is an attempt to see dementia on some day to day issues. This film has been sponsored directly from DEEP.

We have carried out presentations during dementia week across the network and continue to work with Age UK on many of their forums and initiatives.

The group is delighted to announce 2 new projects (subject to funding) for 2016. One is an interactive drop in session for those affected by dementia to receive support from those already affected. It will host a verity of external organizations with interests in dementia. These sessions are in a very relaxed state of the art facility at a local hospice, which is providing a link for the group to become further involved with their own dementia service development.

The second is a little more ambitious; we aim to develop an outreach service for training into the educational sector. Working with an established training provider, the aim is to have our members present themselves as someone with dementia, followed by an informal training presentation to raise awareness amongst children and young adult. The group realized that informing about dementia really starts in the classroom; Macmillan cancer support ran a successful scheme a few years ago. The SCN is also engaged with this project.

We are sorry we could not be present at the first DEEP event that we know will be a great success. If you would like any further information on what our group is doing please do contact us, details on our website