Welcome to our world – a new book

This is not another book about dementia, but this is really quite unique in that it is written by a group of people who each have a diagnosis of dementia, and who want to share some stories from their lives alongside expressing some thoughts around what living well with this condition is really like. This has never been done in this way anywhere in the world before.

The eight authors of this book (majority of whom have young onset) all have one thing in common. They all have a diagnosis of dementia. There the similarity ends. They have all lived very different lives. It’s a mix of humour, romance and pathos that gels together into a rich tapestry of descriptive detail. It will make you laugh, think and might even bring a tear to your eye. I had to be able to write clearly and succinctly and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and listening to other peoples stories and we are sure on reading this book, you will derive as much satisfaction as we did writing it.

I wasn’t very sure writing would be my thing, but after the first day I was hooked. I enjoyed hearing other peoples stories and writing my own.

The writing course which led to the book was generously funded by a £300 grant from DEEP which paid for the tutor, the stationery used by the authors and the refreshments which kept us focused during the six writing lessons! The room was kindly provided free of charge by Canterbury Library. The Alzheimer’s Society via grant from Lloyds Bank funded the production of the book, and profits from the sale go to the Alzheimer’s Society. Copies cost a bargain £5 and are available from Waterstones book shops and the Alzheimer’s Society on-line shop (www.alzheimers.org.uk)

When I wrote my introduction for the book it was unfinished and had no title, no wonderful piece from Jo Brand, no cover and the writers were all busily working brilliantly supported by their student buddy on their contributions. I knew then that we had something special, and when I held the finished book I was absolutely proved right. The authors are keen to welcome YOU to our world.

Keith Oliver, Chris Norris, Chris Ryan – representatives from the authors