Face it Together (FIT), Bradford

The Face it Together (Alzheimer’s Society) group, based in Bradford, are actively involved in informing the Dementia Friendly Community work in the Bradford area.

The group meet every month to:

  • Discuss the impact of dementia on their lives and support each other.
  • Take part in awareness-raising campaigns.
  • Think about campaigns that the group want to drive forward.

So far, the group have focused on making outdoor spaces dementia friendly as several group members enjoy walking. The Face it Together group have been planning a trip to St. Ives (near Bingley). The Council and Friends of St. Ives are interested in receiving feedback.

Two members of Face it Together attended the Leeds Dementia Friendly Communities Conference and the Dementia Friendly Awards event in London. Two group members have also been involved in interviewing new members of staff–one staff member for the Bradford Dementia Action Alliance and one for a new Dementia Lead post with the local NHS Trust.

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  • Cathy Henwood - 01274 586 008
  • cathy.henwood@alzheimers.org.uk or bev.fletcher@alzheimers.org.uk
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