News from Paul Thomas, DEEP Co-ordinator Northern England, Northern Ireland and Scotland DEEP has been approached by the office of Tim Madgwick, Acting Chief Constable for North Yorkshire Police, to begin an Engagement and Involvement project based on meeting with people living with Dementia and on hearing their views, so that awareness of Dementia amongst […]

AGE UK recently launched a case-study report ‘Age-friendly banking – what it is and how to do it’, a practical guide to many of the issues concerning financial services and products. Click here for a useful PDF infographic or you can find a full copy of the report on the AGE UK website.

Rachel Niblock

We are very happy to welcome Rachel Niblock to the team supporting the DEEP network. Rachel has just started work as DEEP co-ordinator for Wales and the South of England. A message from Rachel: “I’m so excited to be starting work on 6 April 2016 as DEEP Co-ordinator for Wales and South of England (south seems […]

For people with a group that is part of the DEEP network, there can come a time when they want to move away from being an active campaigner or influencer. In a new DEEP guide groups form the DEEP network share some of the adjustments they have made within their group to accommodate people’s changing needs. […]

DEEP has published a new guide on involving people with dementia as members of steering or advisory groups. People with dementia are often invited to be a member of more formal steering/advisory groups, alongside professionals and service practitioners. This provides easy access to the views of people with dementia. Most importantly, it also means that […]

Cover of guide

Groups that are part of the DEEP network come in all shapes and sizes. But some things are common to all. We have produced a new DEEP guide with some information about setting up an influencing group. It contains common features of groups in the DEEP network, some practical ideas for running a group smoothly, and […]

This guidance note is based on discussions by 15 people with dementia and 8 carers at a DEEP networking event in 2015. The event was hosted by Face it Together (FIT) group which is supported by Alzheimer’s Society in Bradford. They were joined by members of Shindig from Sheffield and Minds and Voices from York. […]

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Last year DEEP created a film titled Make a Point About Dementia where people of all ages with dementia and their family members were invited to ‘make their point’ about the condition. Some of the footage was filmed at the Younger People with Dementia conference in Oxford last September. Inspired by this film, Young Dementia […]

On 10th November 2015, DEEP held a celebration event to mark the end of this phase of DEEP. Representatives of 14 groups attended, along with Steve and Nada from Innovations in Dementia, and Toby and James from Mental Health Foundation. What was the day for? To celebrate three years of DEEP. DEEP has grown from […]

DEEP had pride of place on the agenda at the UNISON Greater London Region Health Training Conference on 2 October 2015. Keith and Chris from East Kent Forget me Nots and Dianne from Westminster Memory Services were able to share their stories with delegates at Congress Centre in London. All three talked about their experiences […]