DEEP Guides

DEEP guides aim to support the involvement of people with dementia. Some were created for DEEP groups or individuals with dementia, others are for organisations wanting to work well with people who have dementia.

Some of these guides were co-produced with people with dementia, others were created independently by groups of people with dementia. This list of DEEP guides will be regularly updated throughout the project; contributions and suggestions for new guides are welcome. Please contact DEEP for more information.

For people who have dementia:

For organisations and communities

15 thoughts on “DEEP Guides

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  2. In one of your guides, you state that ‘Use of colour helps with interest and concentration’. Just before Christmas, I went on a course run by RNIB Cymru in Cardiff which pointed out a lot of potential problems in using colour. Some colours for example red and green are less visible for some people and the exact tonal contrast is very important. They have lots of useful booklets for example ‘colour and tonal contrast’. As you know, many older people have a degree of visual impairment so these issues are very important. Also sensory impairment can exacerbate the effects of dementia so we need to pay particular attention to a wide array of people’s needs. Hope this is helpful.

  3. I work as an occupational therapist work worth older adults and people with dementia. I would be interested in accessing some of your documents bit do not appear to be able to do so. I worked welcome your. Suggestions and above. Regards Ruth

  4. We are a Community Arts group based in Erdington, a suburb of Birmingham. During week 17th – 23rd of May we will be holding an Alzheimers Week with hopefully two awareness courses, local information on where help can be obtained, a Science and Art exhibition and with as much support information we can display to assist those wanting more information.
    We would be interested in any information we can display and where possible give out to people popping in. Are you able to assist.?

    • Hi Lorna
      We don’t have any budget to send you printed copies of the guides – but it would be great if you could promote them.
      I’m not sure if there is a DEEP group of people with dementia near you – it would be great to invite some people with dementia to help you with your exhibitions.

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  6. So pleased to have seen this fantastic resource , will certainly share this link with my multi agency colleagues, thank you

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  8. I am not able to open some of the attachments, specifically ‘travelling with dementia’. Please could you email me this as a document?

    Thank you

  9. Hi, do you have a dementia friendly information document for family caregiver?

    Kind regards
    Magdelie Swanepoel
    Occupational Therapy Student

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